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Unexpected to Expecting - Lifetime Membership

When you join us inside the UNEXPECTED TO EXPECTING Membership you get instant access to:

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  • Unexpected to Expecting Online Community - Where connection and support unite to create incredible energy, validation and healing
  • Unexpected to Expecting Weekly Community Mindset Calls - Start the weeks off in the right direction while tackling the area of our mindsets. 
  • Unexpected to Expecting Monthly Members Only Call - Come hang out with Trina and Jason and our community. Q&A's, special guests, and new trainings happen every month!
  •  Unexpected to Expecting Private Forum - A safe space to ask questions, share stories and connect with our community at any time.

  • Unexpected to Expecting Weekly Group Coaching - Come join other people in a group setting once a week who understand the same path you are on, working towards a better future together.  

  •  Unexpected to Expecting Online Program -Coming Soon! (Our goal is to build what our community wants, so when you join UTE, you get to be part of the ongoing curated content).To include 5 modules containing 3-4 short videos each. These will guide and support you at your own pace.

  •  Unexpected to Expecting Workbook - Coming soon as well! These are in the form of printable worksheets and can be used to follow along with the videos, or at your own pace. These contain the exercises that enable you to do therapeutic work that heals.

  • Unexpected to Expecting E-book - Coming soon! We are putting together pieces of our best content that will be available to you as a quick reference as we build and grow!


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