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When it comes to teenage pregnancy, we have the experience!

A few years ago our newly 16 year old son told us that his girlfriend was pregnant. From there the roller coaster ride began! So many emotions overwhelming us! So many questions and fears about his future! There goes his dreams of playing football! He just barely got his license, how will he take care of a baby? We are youth leaders and pastors. What will the church say?!

We knew we had decisions to make. Would we “kick him out” like some people tried to chime in with? Or would we give them the support and encouragement we had counseled to other parents who had gone through a similar situation before us? 

Through much counsel and prayer, and trial and error, we journeyed with them through this new life they had created, our granddaughter was born, and we started to settle in as this being our new normal… or so we thought.  

Surprise number two! Eight months after our granddaughter was born, our FIFTEEN year old daughter told us she was pregnant! What?! We didn't even know there was a guy in the picture. Again, we had decisions to make. We already knew and loved our granddaughter, and we knew we would love this baby too, no matter how they would come into this world.

Again through much counsel and prayer, and trial and error, we walked this new journey with our daughter. She pressed through high school to graduate two years early, with her son being born a week after graduation. 

We know life happens, even in ways we don’t expect it. Sometimes clinging to one day at a time is all you can do. That’s why we started this community and have resources to help parents and families like ours to get the support, tools and guidance that we needed when we went from unexpected to expecting!

Here's How The Unexpected to Expecting Membership Can Help You!

Whether you are going through it right now with your pregnant teen, or are still in the process of walking out your own healing from your own unexpected journey, and everything in between, we have the resources and a supportive community for you to share your journey without fear, shame, or judgment, and connect with people who know where you’re at. Click here to learn more.